Improving Your Study Skills – Tips and Strategy!

How to you Rate Your Study Skills?

To be honest, even if you’re a good study-er, you’ve probably not really taken time to think about what it is that makes your study skills so much better than your friends’.  It’s just one of those things where some students seem to naturally grasp what’s needed to study effectively, without even thinking about what they’re doing differently.  However, when an outsider looks at the person with excellent study skills and compares him or her to others, there are certain common elements.  Here is a look at the traits that can change you from being a good study-er to being a great one.

Tips for Improving your Study Skills

First, remember that great study skills start with having the right attitude.  You’ve got to realize that it takes time to read and grasp information and to remember what you’ve read.  The great study-er knows that 15 or 20 minutes after school won’t lead to real success in your classes.  Here are seven specific skills you need to put into action.

When you read your textbook material or re-read your class notes, jot down notes about the important points. Important points are usually those that the instructor emphasized.  How to Study TextbooksHow to take notesHow to study notes

Don’t depend on just reading the text or notes over and over again in order to remember it.  Instead, make flash cards to commit important facts to memory.  A pack of 3 x 5 index cards at the star costs less than a dollar and is a great investment in your studies.  How to use flash cards

In addition to the flash cards, create other study skills that are entertaining, challenging and productive. Use these activities each week.  For instance, you might have an evening when you write down key facts on a sheet of paper strictly from memory.

Look up “lesson plans” on the Internet and notice how teachers create course lesson plans. Now develop your own lesson plan for each subject.  On this plan, include the important points that you would be covering if you were the instructor, as well as test-taking ideas that students should use for the class.  After you’re done being the “teacher,” be the “student” and study using those test-taking ideas.  Study Skills Lesson Plans

Fight test-anxiety like it’s the plague.  You can decrease your anxiety by spending plenty of time preparing for each class and each test.

If there’s one resource available to students that is under-used, it is their own teacher. Don’t be so proud that you’re afraid to go to her and ask for her help and / or study suggestions.  If needed, get a tutor who can help you even more.

Got a test coming up? As part of a week-long study process, write down a “Test Day Review Sheet.” On this sheet are the facts that you think are key that you’ve been struggling with.  On the morning of the test, before you head to class, review this sheet a few times.

Study skills should not be considered an annoying thing that you get done as fast as possible. Instead, look at them as the main reason you’re in school in the first place.   They’re an important part of learning the material. As long as you believe that and act accordingly, you’ll be on your way to mastering great study skills.

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