How Teachers Can Teach Study Skills

Teaching Study Skills

Teachers, especially at the higher grade levels, often assume their students learned effective study skills in prior school years. As a result, students often make it to the college and university level with few study skills and poor study habits, leaving them unprepared for the more rigorous coursework. There are simple, effective techniques, however, that teachers can use at any grade level to teach their students to study.
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How Parents Can Teach Study Skills

Helping Children develop Study Skills

Children are not born with effective study skills, and those skills often are not taught in school. Parents can help ensure their child’s educational success by making sure they develop effective study skills. Unfortunately, many parents are not sure where to start. Two of the most important areas on which parents can place emphasis are setting priorities and organization.

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Classroom Activities for Teaching Study Skills

As a teacher, your teaching strategy should always be creative to ensure that your students find learning in school an exciting activity. You can add or incorporate a study skill activity  in every class session. For variety, you can include a unique classroom activity in every class period to motivate and improve your studentslearning capabilities.  This can include a study skills lesson plan and a taking notes lesson plan.

Preparing for various study skills activities

can be very challenging as you need to work out imaginative ways to ensure that your students learn from the activity. Each of your class periods should integrate a study skill activity to enable your students to develop their own good study habits. A classroom activity should consider the three factors detailed below. Continue reading “Classroom Activities for Teaching Study Skills”