Getting Motivated to Study – The Complete Guide

Exams are just around the corner and you’ve got 2 or 3 deadlines to meet coming up fast.  I don’t believe any student looks forward to this, and most put it off until the last minute which is not advised if you want to get the highest grades. Studying on any level can be overwhelming; however, just like most things that will benefit, it requires a huge amount of discipline.

Here are some steps to get you motivated to study.

Getting Disciplined     Your Purpose     Get into Game Mode
Small Actionable Steps     Reward Yourself     Read-Watch  Motivational
Visualize    Study Partners/Groups      Get Rid of Negativity

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How do you study textbooks?

Best way to study textbooks?

1. Here is the method that I used successfully. Whenever I have a textbook to study, I first divide it into four main sections. After reading each section I make notes in a book not the textbook, using my own words of the most important points. I also make notes and marks in the textbook. When I want review I review my own hand written notes, because it is smaller in size and direct to the point. This system has always helped me out. Continue reading “How do you study textbooks?”

7 Steps to Developing Good Study Habits

How to Develop Good Study Skills

Why is it that there are some students who spend every waking hour studying and others who don’t appear to put in as much effort but still get good grades? Is this due to genetics? Are some people just naturally more intelligent than others? Is it IQ?

The truth is that being a successful student has little to do with intelligence but everything to do with knowing how to study. Studying is a skill, and once you have mastered it, you will excel. Continue reading “7 Steps to Developing Good Study Habits”

Mind Maps – The Complete Guide

Mind Maps for Studying, Learning and Planning

Wouldn’t it be great if lecture information was transferred to your memory instantly and have it there to recall whenever you need it. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works.  In the real world you need to find a way for that information to go from your teacher’s mouth, the textbook, the PowerPoint presentation, whatever the medium may be, taking notes and into your brain. Different people will have different techniques in which they will do this. One effective way is to use mind maps. 

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How to Concentrate

How to Concentrate while Studying – Concentration Solutions

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Learning Styles Quiz

So What is Your Learning Style?

This article will help you distinguish your preferred learning style and offers you a range of study tips and advice to help you get the most out of learning. The first step is to complete this simple questionnaire. Try and do this before reading the explanations that follow, and answer the questions honestly. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, this is designed to help you reach your full learning potential. See the Complete Guide to Learning Styles

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Learning Styles – The Complete Guide

When it comes to learning, it’s probably no surprise to discover that we all learn differently. Most teachers are very aware of the different learning styles and use a variety of strategies to help pass information on to students, like yourselves, in the classroom. However, it is possible to take matters into your own hands in order to improve your own learning. If you are aware of your own learning style you will be able to make your study and revision time much more effective, which will not only help ensure academic success, but leave more time for all the fun stuff!

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Learning how to Study

study4Most students have no idea how to study effectively. Many teachers focus on getting good test scores, and understandably so, without focusing on teaching the basics of study skills. The result is that the students either don’t study, or spend hours studying with poor results, or study at the last minute and burn out.

Here are some techniques that have been successfully utilized by middle school and intermediate school students to study and prepare for tests. Continue reading “Learning how to Study”