Snacking When You Study

Ahhh, the late night study session. It’s challenging, it’s aggravating, with friends it can be fun, it’s important. It’s so many crazy emotions rolled into one. It’s also a time when you often just have to have a snack. Seriously, it’s not just fun to snack when you’re studying with friends, it’s actually a good idea. It’s easier to stay alert if you have a little something in you. Conversely, it’ll interfere with your ability to concentrate if you’re thinking about how hungry you are. However, it’s important that you eat and drink the right things during your midnight study sessions.

Here are some tips for Study Snacking:

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Pros and Cons of Studying with a Computer

The question of whether a computer can help students in high school or college was settled long ago. It’s nearly impossible to find a student who doesn’t use a PC to help him type papers or look up things in encyclopedias. But what about major study sessions? The traditional form of studying has consisted mostly of pulling out your textbook and class notes and sitting at your desk or on your bed and trying to memorize as much as possible.
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Why Study Study Skills?

As a student, your time is already limited. Maybe you already have a full class schedule, and in addition, you have to spend several hours a day to study for each course. So who’s got time to add something else into the mix? Yet there’s one thing that you need to add, which will actually improve the effectiveness of your study time, and help you get better grades: Studying about studying. That’s right: You need to devote some time and energy to studying some techniques and strategies that make for better students, and that lead to better grades. Here are five good reasons that you should try to master some proven study techniques: Continue reading “Why Study Study Skills?”

How Long Should I Study For?

Let’s consider two typical college students.  Mary feels passionate about getting an “A” on the next economics test.  So for one week solid, she studies in three hour increments.  She scarcely takes a break during these marathon study sessions. Yet, to her exasperation, she still only manages to get a C+.

Rodney is in the same economics class.  He has spent the past four weeks studying class material, about 45 minutes a day, in 20 minute chunks, separated by a five minute break.  To some people’s amazement, he gets A-Pluses regularly, and he did so on the economics test.
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How to Turn Good Study Skills Into Great Study Skills

To be honest, even if you’re a good study-er, you’ve probably not really taken time to think about what it is that makes your study skills so much better than your friends’.  It’s just one of those things where some students seem to naturally grasp what’s needed to study effectively, without even thinking about what they’re doing differently.  However, when an outsider looks at the person with excellent study skills and compares him or her to others, there are certain common elements.  Here is a look at the traits that can change you from being a good study-er to being a great one. Continue reading “How to Turn Good Study Skills Into Great Study Skills”

30 Days to Better Study Skills

The study “strategy” for most students is the same:  Wait until the night before an assignment is due or before a test to hit the books and study.  Unfortunately, for most of us, that strategy eventually catches up and hits our grades—hard.

Good news:  There’s a better way!  Here’s a systematic approach that in 30 days can turn you into a master student.  We’ll start with week 1. Continue reading “30 Days to Better Study Skills”

SQ3R: Still a Classic Study Method

The SQ3R study method is a technique that goes back decades, and possibly more than a century.  Still, there always seem to be those who have never heard of this classic way of studying your textbooks.  So for that group of people, let’s talk about it. Continue reading “SQ3R: Still a Classic Study Method”

Mind Maps Maximize Study Effectiveness

As a student, you have to  take notes for many, if not all, of your classes.  You then use these to study for tests and semester exams.  But there are problems with this method.  For instance, many of us have incomplete notes, and many more take those notes and never again look at them. Continue reading “Mind Maps Maximize Study Effectiveness”

Time Management for Students

One of the hardest lessons a student will ever need to learn is time management. Millions of dollars are spent on books, software programs, and equipment designed to help students manage their time. However, most times the students start to become overwhelmed with projects, assignments, and the administrative of their time management system. Time management styles are as complex and individual as the person. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Student’s can not use the same time management strategies that are used in the corporate world so how do you teach time management for  students? Continue reading “Time Management for Students”

How to Study from Textbooks

The Complete Guide to Studying Text Books

The reading of textbooks is an integral and unavoidable part of your college education. Although in the classroom a teacher may cover much of the content of the subject matter, many of the details of the topic will be fleshed out from your textbook. Unfortunately much of the material you will encounter in a textbook can be dry, making it difficult to stay focused and study. Concentration is essential to your success in the class.

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