Study Hacks – 23 ways to learn better

brainHere is the list – details in the link below

1. Work out

2. Meditate

3. Eat Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

4. Sleep

5. Drink Water

6. Practice Yoga

7. Take up a Hobby

8. Set an Agenda

9. Laugh

10. Check your motivation

11. Warm up your Brain

12. Find a friend

13. Check your environment

14. Develop Metacognition

15. Do one thing at at time

16. Don’t be afraid to fail

17. Test yourself

18. Always be compressing

19. Conditionalize the information

20. Use multiple media

21. Connect with existing knowledge

22. Establish consequences

23. Be confident


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Study Skills Checklist

Study Hacks - Improve your study skills
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Study Hacks - Improve your study skills
23 hacks to improve your study skills
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