Study Skills for High School Students

The Effective Study Skills Handbook

Everything you need to know to get organized, get better grades, pass your exams, study less and have more time to yourself!


Study Skills Handbook

bullettGetting Organized! This is half the battle right here -- if you are organized, everything else flows.

bullettTake our short quiz and see where you need to improve and then read our suggestions for improving. Learn more >>>

bullettTime Savers! Getting your homework, study space organized will save a huge amount of time. Here are some tips and advice >>>

bullettHow to Make a Study Plan
- Getting Organized is key to success. Figuring out what you need to learn and what you already know will save you time. Learn more >>>

bullettStudy Groups - Study groups are a great way to study, get more done, and learn more. Here are some tips for study groups >>>

bullettHigh School Study Guides