Forming a Study Group

Study Groups

Study groups are a great way to supplement your individual study. Being involved in a study group provides you with the opportunity to get feedback on how well you know the material, as well as reinforcing what you have learned. In addition, a good study group gives you practice at working as part of a team, a skill that you will need in the world outside of school. Continue reading “Forming a Study Group”

Study Skills Checklist

While there are many ways of improving your study skills, they are more effective if you know what your study habits and attitudes are like. Many students have no idea if they are having trouble with their time management, concentration or note taking skills, or if their problems are caused by a combination of problems. Use the following checklist to learn more about your study habits and attitudes.

There are three statements for each category. Read each statement and think about whether that statement applies to you. If it does apply to you, answer Yes. If it does not, answer No. Be sure to answer each statement honestly. Continue reading “Study Skills Checklist”

Tips for Taking Better Notes

One of the key elements in passing any course is taking good notes.  In order to learn the required information, your notes need to be thorough and organized in a way that makes them easy to review later.  For many students, however, note taking is a difficult task, and often notes end up with either too little or too much information to make them useful. Fortunately, there are several techniques for taking better notes. Continue reading “Tips for Taking Better Notes”

How to Study from your notes

Do you take notes during class lectures and never seem to look at the notes again? If you are filing your class notes away, and not using the valuable information found in your notes, you may be missing a key study tool. Notes are a vital part of your success when preparing for a test, as they are one of the best sources of information you have. Using your class lecture notes may not be as intuitive as reading the textbook, but once you learn how to study from your lecture notes, you’ll learn more quickly.

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Developing Effective Study Skills

Learning How to Study Properly

Developing effective study skills is extremely important to learn for many different reasons. Getting the most out of your time is something more of us are trying to learn how to do every day. From all the things that are piled on us as individuals, developing effective study skill is somewhat of a lost art which, once we grasp it, the rewards can last a lifetime. Here are some ways to grow developing effective study skills:

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How to Make a Study Plan

While it is tough to make studying fun, it is entirely possible to make it simple, effective and totally worth your while.

Getting organized allows you to study less, get better marks AND have more time for other things.  To gain the maximum benefit from your study sessions, there are few key points you can follow.

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