Teaching Study Skills

How to Study is one of the most important skills but one that is rarely taught. Not sure where to begin?

We have 2 complete study skills lesson plans for teachers.

  • Teaching Study Skills

  • Teaching Study Skills – What to teach

    Study on test preparation – The Test Preparation Study was conducted from 2004 to 2008 by researchers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, What Did Teachers Tell Us? Preparing Students for the Test We asked the teachers what activities or approaches they would recommend to a new Grade […]

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  • Essential Products for getting students organzied

    Essential Products for getting students organzied

    Many schools publish a list of required back to school supplies. These lists are usually very detailed and contain everything your student may need during the school year. These lists can also be too broad and overwhelming in its requirements. While a broad list can help parents get the supplies that are needed for the […]

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  • How Teachers Can Teach Study Skills

    How Teachers Can Teach Study Skills

    Teachers, especially at the higher grade levels, often assume their students learned effective study skills in prior school years. As a result, students often make it to the college and university level with few study skills and poor study habits, leaving them unprepared for the more rigorous coursework. There are simple, effective techniques, however, that […]

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  • How Parents Can Teach Study Skills

    Children are not born with effective study skills, and those skills often are not taught in school. Parents can help ensure their child’s educational success by making sure they develop effective study skills. Unfortunately, many parents are not sure where to start. Two of the most important areas on which parents can place emphasis are […]

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  • Classroom Activities for Teaching Study Skills

    Classroom Activities for Teaching Study Skills

    As a teacher, your teaching strategy should always be creative to ensure that your students find learning in school an exciting activity. You can add or incorporate a study skill activity  in every class session. For variety, you can include a unique classroom activity in every class period to motivate and improve your students’ learning […]

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  • Other Recent Articles

  • Learning how to Study

    Most students have no idea how to study effectively. Many teachers focus on getting good test scores, and understandably so, without focusing on teaching the basics of how to study. The result is that the students either don’t study, or spend hours studying with poor results, or study at the last minute and burn out. […]

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  • Study Hacks - 23 ways to learn better

    Study Hacks – 23 ways to learn better

    Here is the list – details in the link below 1. Work out 2. Meditate 3. Eat Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 4. Sleep 5. Drink Water 6. Practice Yoga 7. Take up a Hobby

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  • What I wish my students knew (video)

    Here is a great video from a veteran school teacher on what he wishes his students knew – or, how to study!

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  • How to Take Notes Videos

    See our other posts on how to take notes Tips for taking better notes Note Taking Methods Split-Page Method Cornell Method Outline Method       Excellent video on Cornell Note Taking    

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  • What Your Instructor Wants to See on Your Exam

    What Your Instructor Wants to See on Your Exam

    I​t sounds like such an easy question:  “What does your instructor or teacher want to see from you on your test paper?”  And the easy answer:  “He wants to see the right answers.” H​owever, it’s a bit more complicated than that.  What an instructor really wants is to see that you are grasping the material […]

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  • Yes, You Really Can Study Math

    Yes, You Really Can Study Math

    It’s a popular misconception that you can’t really study for math.  People who say you can’t will admit that you can do math assignments and math homework.  But actually studying it–looking at material in order to better on tests and upcoming assignments–that, they say, is impossible. They’re wrong.  It’s true that studying math is different […]

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  • Effective Study with the Study Scrapbook

    Effective Study with the Study Scrapbook

    Scrap booking as a hobby is all the rage these days.  Go to any department store and many supermarkets, and you’ll find whole aisles or half-aisled devoted to scrap-booking.  Hobby stores, likewise, have caught onto the trend and started stocking scrapbooks, dividers, and stickers for making the best memory books. There are even scrap-bookers clubs […]

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  • Myths You Might Believe About Studying–But Shouldn’t

    Most of the self-help myths that we tend to believe come from well-meaning people. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them any less myths. In the field of study, for instance, what usually happens is this:  A person finds a technique that works for them, and helps them improve their grades. They then spread the word that […]

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  • Acing Classes with Little or No Study

    Acing Classes with Little or No Study

    You’ve probably known people, either in high school or college, who seemed able to pass any class–even make A’s–with little or no study.  It wasn’t necessarily your imagination, either.  It’s a fact that people learn differently, and some people manage to absorb material without “study” in the traditional sense.  That is, they might have other […]

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  • The Study Guide Exchange:  Great Group Study Method

    The Study Guide Exchange: Great Group Study Method

    Sometimes group study can be a productive thing, and sometimes, not so much.  Group study becomes less than productive when your study sessions turn into occasions for friends to get together to have a good time and share gossip.  Often, there’s little actual study that goes on during these sessions. However, that doesn’t have to […]

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