Improve your Study Skills

studyEffective Study Skills Lesson Plan

Complete Lesson Plan for teachers includes, Study Environment, Getting Organized, Time Management, Concentration.

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 Cotaking notesmplete Taking Notes Lesson Plan

Comprehensive for teaching students grade 6 – 8 how to take notes, includes, introduction and practice with 3 different styles of note taking (Outline, Charting and Mapping). 3 sample lectures with recommended notes taking answers, crossword puzzle, handouts and complete instructions.  Learn More >>>



Study Skills HandbookImprove your Study Skills  – The Study Skills Handbook

Learn about concentration, making a study plan, using flash cards, time management, the role that sleep and nutrition play in effective studying, what food to eat, how to avoid procrastination, and so much more!

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Multiple Choice Secrets
Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips and Strategies

Taking a test?  Increase your score with multiple choice strategies.  Learn and practice 15 strategies for math, reading comprehension and English grammar.

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